Uncertain States / X

Andrei Nacu:
 N 44° 55′ 2.23” E 25° 27′ 22.456″

Andrew Holligan: Blurring the boundaries between photography, painting and sculpture

Chris Dorley-Brown: Destroying the Evidence

Francisco Gomez de Villaboa: Evolving vision of human relationships and mortality

Kerstin Hacker: Modernity in Zambia – Opening a new dialogue with the colonial library

Leslie Hakim-Dowek: Time spent on a volcanic Island

Michelle Sank: Encountering, collecting and retelling

Pippa Healy: Let’s just open this wound a little

Richard Sawdon Smith: Queering representations of masculinity in an undetectable world

Rob Hillier: Front Cover image – Flagpole X

Sophie Ellen: Unretouched, honest polaroids of inspiring women 


Fiona Yaron-Field: 

(text) Uncertain States  2009 – 2019    

(images and text) From the series Belongings 

David George: 

(text) Uncertain States  An Unreliable History  

(image) From the series Enclosures, Badlands and Borders / Exhibited in the first UCS exhibition at Limehouse and published in UCS/1 in 2009

Spencer Rowell

(text) Uncertain States  A Place to Reflect   

(images) From the series The Black Shuck of East Anglia (2019)