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Exhibition title: Elsewhere

Artists: Mark Aitken, David George, Jonty Sale and Fiona Yaron-Field
Venue: Safehouse 1, 139 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN

‘Elsewhere’ has been especially curated for Peckham 24 by four artist from the Uncertain States project. Drawing on landscape, portraiture and still life,the work looks awry at the theme of refuge. The venue is called ‘safe house’. A term used to describe a refuge from danger, a secret sanctuary, somewhere transient that can offer protection. It implies that home is elsewhere. We didn’t imagine the past lives who had called it home, we marveled with delight at this inhospitable and beautiful space, with its coloured surfaces and remnants of paint and tiles. Home is elsewhere not in the bricks and mortar, for the artists in UCS home is imbued into nature, objects and ideas. Their work mirrors the inhospitable beauty of the space they inhabit.

Private View: Friday 19th May 2017 – 6pm-Midnight
Opening Times: Saturday 20th May 10am-9pm, Sunday 12am-6pm

Artist Talks: Saturday 20th May
12pm Jonty Sale and Mark Aitken
2pm- David George and Fiona  Yaron-Field

Entry to the exhibition is free.

About Artists

Mark Aitken

Mark’s practice includes film, photography and writing. He has hosted and programmed film festivals, sat on international juries in Berlin, Poland and the UK. Mark has published fiction, edited and hosts a radio show on photography.

Sanctum Ephemeral

Mark will be showing a new series of photographs called Sanctum Ephemeral about the lives of Londoners before being displaced by property development. https://www.thedeepriver.org/

David George is a London based artist working in photography and one of the founding members of the Uncertain States collective. His work mainly concerns man altered landscape and its socio/ geopolitical impacts and meanings.

Nine square kilometers

David has made a new series for Peckham 24 2017. Working at night he has re-represented key geographical and historical area of Peckham to create a personal view of this vibrant south London Borough.


Jonty Sale

Jonty Sale treats landscape as the starting point rather than the destination.

Elsewhere is everywhere. It’s not where we’re at, it’s not even where we are headed – it’s the ‘other’ place that persists beyond our knowledge and experience.


Fiona Yaron-Field is an artist and psychotherapist. She is one of the founders and co-editors of ‘Uncertain States’. She has participated in symposiums, publications and international exhibitions.


‘Belongings’ refers to the surviving mementos from women who have been trafficked to the U.K. These are the objects that have made the journey with them, something they have held onto that has offered them sanctuary.


David George

Jonty Sale

Fiona Yaron-Field

Mark Aitken