Uncertain States / 26 Open Call

Aviv Yaronwww.avivyaron.co.uk
Linking landscape and memory through the signs and traces left
Chris Dorley Brown – chris3.500px.com
A contemporary tableaux of modern city life
Klaus Thymann – www.klausthymann.com
Mapping the passage of time across landscapes and communities
Liz Orton – www.lizorton.co.uk
Interested in the way that knowledge moves between bodies, objects, places and images
Lydia Goldblatt – www.lydiagoldblatt.com
Connecting creativity, decay and regeneration
Jonty Sale – www.jontysale.com
Where the concepts of time and space are often compacted and rearranged
Nick Sargeant – www.nicksargeant.co.uk
Examining some of his earliest images for evidence
Sam Ivin – www.samivin.com
Questions about how the UK’s migration system treats those seeking safety
Stephanie Jamieson – www.steffjamieson.com
Returns to the fundamental properties of photography – light, time and photographic paper