Uncertain States / 23

uncertain-states-newspaper-23Flore Gardnerfloregardner.wix.com/flore-gardner#!foundgraphy/ct72
Plays on the ambiguity between recognition and anonymity
Jolanta Dolewskawww.jolantadolewska.com
Brings back the basics of existence – the material, the real, the physical, the tangible
Karolina Lebekkarolina.lebek@network.rca.ac.uk
Explores the ritials which stand at the threshold of who we are and who we are becoming
Nigel Grimmerwww.nigelgrimmer.com
Transforms exotic beauties into something jarringly common
Rosy Martinwww.rosymartin.co.uk
Mediates and reflects upon the processes of bereavement and mourning
Julia Fullerton-Battenwww.juliafullerton-batten.com
The tensions arise when a traditional scene is set on a modern stage
Simon Brann Thorpewww.simonbrannthorpe.com
Exploring the paradigm of conflict through our culutural notions of freedom, nationhood and
Zoe Childerleywww.zoechilderley.co.uk
Interrupting the fantasy of an untouched and untouchable vista
David Severnwww.davidsevern.com
Capture the culture and social life of his industrial roots