Uncertain States / 16

uncertain-states-newspaper-16Ottavia Castellina, Alia Romanelli & Piero Vereni
Observed strangers ingested

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
Interrogates the proliferation of conflict imagery

Spencer Rowell & Eb. & Db.
Pathography through language and as a means of phototherapy

Agatha A. Nitecka
Shared intimacy through the lens of psychoanalysis

A short story about the loss of democracy

Ania Dabrowska & Diab Alkarssifi
Inspiration from a collection of photographs from the Middle East

Sally Annett
Snakes and Ladders: Magical Walks Contemplation Seats and Dark Glases

Adrian Hardy & Saffron Koumbas
Poems and photography as desire to make peace with death