August 2013


Grace Lau is a photographer, writer and lecturer. In 1997 She published A Retrospective. ‘Adults In Wonderland’ which journeys through the world of sexuality, gender identity and sado-masochistic sub-culture. From her earliest male nudes, to her life as a voyeur at “Skin Two” functions and dominatrices’ dungeons, and culminating in her work on cross-dressing and post-modern perversity. Lau’s work has appeared on the covers of “Time Out” and “Paris Match” and in the National Portrait Gallery and Chelsea Arts Club. In 2005 the arts council funded Grace to construct a 19th century Chinese portrait studio in Hastings to collect an archive of diverse contemporary subjects. Now Grace will be discussing “The Performative Role of the Photographer” which should raise lots of challenging issues and images for discussion.