Ania Dabrowska – The Lebanese Archive – Kickstarter

A message from our very own Ania Dabroska, please spread the news if you can.



Hello Dears,

I am sure you have seen my efforts to spread the news about our Kicstarter campaign for the book.

Of course, it would be just fantastic if you could all spread the news of this individually to your own networks too.  That would be just awesome!!! We have just published a new update on a Kickstarter page – a super short film of Diab talking about one of the photographs from the collection and we will have more updates with little treats like this coming up, people can pre-order a copy of the book or get loads of other rewards, from £5, £20, £30 up to limited edition prints and framed works.
I have found out an interesting statistic – apparently we need to get 20% of support in the first week to statistically have a chance of reaching a full target.  We are 6% in, so by Sunday we have to pre-sell as many of those extra copies of the book and other pledges as it takes to reach £5000.
Warmest hugs and thank you all,
Ania Dabrowska
Artist / Lecturer