“All the Days”

LCC_MAP_alumni_invite1014Federica Landi is happy to announce that she will be exhibiting a new installation piece called “All the Days”, born from the collaboration with artist and curator Francesca Marcaccio Hitzeman as part of Photography as Installation show.


The Opening will be Tuesday 7th October at Oxford House in Bethnal Green, 6.30pm (please see attached flyer)
To see all the works featured in the show please click here:


All the days is a response to the Central Archive of the British Museum and it aims to draw attention on the vulnerability of the archive as depositary of collective memory as opposed to the assumed permanence of institutions which are perceived to be static receptacles of knowledge.

The audience is invited to throw a stone into a container filled with water on which is projected the image of one of the British Museum’s gallery after bombardments (Second World War). In doing so, the image lying on the water surface will be disrupted, exposing the precariousness of human’s endeavour to preserve memory.

Photography as Installation is an exhibition featuring work by London College of Communication MA Photography Alumni at Oxford Housein Bethnal Green. Over the last 16 years, the MA Photography course has seen a significant shift towards installations and performativity in 2D, 3D and 4D. This development, in addition to a focus on the materiality of surface, will throw new light on what photography is today.