Uncertain States are on a bus trip with Tom Hunter

Life on the Road was Tom Hunter’s famous photographic document of life on a double-decker bus, ‘Le Crowbar’ as it travelled across Europe in the ’90s.

Well, he’s back on a bus!

Tom Hunter is on the road again…. Friday 10th June – this time as Uncertain States travelling companion on our trip to The Format Derby. We are thrilled and eternally grateful that Tom has agreed to talk to us on our journey.

So why don’t you join Tom and Ucs. on a jaunt to cosmopolitan Derby on June 10th for a day of talks about collecting photography entitled, Keepers of Culture.


Uncertain States has got a bus trip

Come and join us on a jaunt to cosmopolitan Derby on June 10th for a day of talks about collecting photography

Everything you ever wanted to know about collecting photographs but were afraid to ask. Free squash and wagon wheel book here

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Uncertain States is a lens-based, artist led project.

The work we show reflects some key social and political concerns and challenges how perception is formed in a new contemporary society, on issues as diverse as politics, religion and personal identity. Releasing a quarterly broadsheet and through regular discussions we attempt to expand a critical dialogue and promote the best of lens-based art.

In a time where the proliferation of imagery is rendering itself insignificant and meaningless, the artists in Uncertain States are concerned with the intention of the work. All the work published is concerned with the meaning and reading of the photograph. We celebrate the ‘hard copy’ and the ‘physical meeting’.

Uncertain States aims to showcase both established and emerging artists also through our Broadsheet, exhibitions and talks. We include work from all photographic genres.


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