We are delighted to announce our re-launch of the UCS broadsheet publication with the collaboration with Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) Human Interfaces (H.I.) Creative Lab, who will be the guest editors for the 2019 issues. 

The UCS #30 is currently in production and we are looking forward to disseminate the first edition curated by UCS/NUA H.I. at the end of March 2019.  Free copies of the broadsheet paper will be availavle from our nations best museums and galleries, such as Arnolfini: Bristol, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art: Newcastle, Four Corners: London, Impressions Gallery: Bradford, Open Eye Gallery: Liverpool, Photofusion: London, Stills: Centre for Photography: Edinburgh, Royal College of Art: London, The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design: London.

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Uncertain States is a lens-based, artist led project.

The work we show reflects some key social and political concerns and challenges how perception is formed in a new contemporary society, on issues as diverse as politics, religion and personal identity. Releasing a quarterly broadsheet and through regular discussions we attempt to expand a critical dialogue and promote the best of lens-based art.

In a time where the proliferation of imagery is rendering itself insignificant and meaningless, the artists in Uncertain States are concerned with the intention of the work. All the work published is concerned with the meaning and reading of the photograph. We celebrate the ‘hard copy’ and the ‘physical meeting’.

Uncertain States aims to showcase both established and emerging artists also through our Broadsheet, exhibitions and talks. We include work from all photographic genres.


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